“In recent years, the focus on wind as a sustainable energy source has shifted radically. Covid 19, the war in Ukraine, and the general understanding of the climate crisis has propelled the wind industry to a new level.

For 30 years, wind, as a global industry, was ‘stuck’ in an early, immature stage. Now, it’s getting real – and we are moving at an unprecedented speed. Although we are part of the indirect side of the turbine industry, It excites me that we play a significant part in ensuring the commercial potential of wind. Because if green energy is not commercially competitive, it simply can’t win in the long run.

This is what drives me in my work and why I call Danhydra home. The way I see it, money talks and if wind is going to grow globally, suitability alone is not enough. We have to ensure that the industry as a whole becomes commercially sustainability too. Otherwise, the political and consumer incentive to bet on wind simply won’t be there.

For this to happen, we need quality tool solutions that help turbine manufacturers lower costs and increase speed, quality and safety.

While the overall cost of a tool may be small, the impact is critical in ensuring overall economic viability. Now and in the long run.

Working together to overcome the challenges

Climate change is happening at an alarming rate and it requires swift action. We have to question the status quo and think outside the box. To me, that’s a crucial part of the equitation. It’s about the willingness and drive to constantly challenge how we can improve even the smallest parts of the industry.

Our 360 degree approach to development, manufacturing, and service allows us to continuously spot and implement little game changers. This makes us work smarter and helps the industry as a whole. That really motivates me because every little contribution matters in such a massive challenge, and if we all keep pushing in the right direction, I believe we will get there.

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SVP Standard Products

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360o Willpower

Danhydra is an international supplier of tools and tool services.
Trusted by the best in the wind industry.

With a clear focus on innovation, professionalism and competitiveness, Danhydra develops, produces and services tools for the global wind industry. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and from a strong base with locations in Denmark, Germany, Spain, India, Australia and the USA, Danhydra has implemented a new ambitions growth strategy aiming to create a unique, global and customer-oriented company. Our company currently employs approx. 130 professional, experienced and dedicated employees who all contribute to ensure high services for our customers.

With some of the most experienced technicians, engineers, and manufacturers on board, we are not too humble to say that we are good at what we do. We take pride in being exactly like no one else in the industry. We are easy going but highly professional. Our work environment is characterized by an informal approach – but our ambitions reach as high as the sky.
And we believe that it takes power to empower. Therefore, our 360o willpower culture lies within our DNA. So, when you take place with Danhydra, you take place where change happens.

We never lean against the wind. We lean on each other.