Our approach to tool development is combining decades of engineering expertise with the knowhow from our manufacturing and service history.

Developing solutions for tools and equipment not only fit for function, but also fit for manufacturing and servicing.

Always with a strong focus on the total life-cycle cost.

Our decades of experience in developing customized solutions for the wind industry is augmented by the expertise gained from servicing most of the tools and equipment on the market. Add to that a lean manufacturing setup combined with a strong supply chain and the result is a cost-focused development process based on real-life experience.

This combined experience is unique to Danhydra and results in solutions that are not only fit for function, but also fit for manufacturing and fit for service - all important factors in bringing down the total cost of ownership of your final solution.

Customized tools and equipment

Our experience spans across all phases of your project, from production to a fully operational turbine.

When we develop your customized solution, we use more than theory and gut feeling. We apply facts and hands-on knowledge gained from real life experience in handling tools and equipment from all major suppliers on the market.

Add to that our manufacturing capabilities and our proven track record and you have a partner with the skill and the insights to drive the development phase while keeping a strong focus on your targeted cost of the final solution.

The result is a unique setup, where we ensure that your developed solution stays on track to meet your expectations.

For Production

For Transportation

For Installation

For Service

Capabilities for all components

We are not limited to one section of the final wind turbine. We develop customized tools and equipment for all sections. From lifting equipment and turner gears, to transportation equipment and power packs.

What really matters is the platform we offer to you. With this we have the experience and ability to reach the total target cost of your solution – and if the market should set new requirements for your competitive WTG platform, our setup is agile and optimized to keep up with the fast-moving wind industry.

Test and prototyping

Investing in proper prototyping and testing can prove to be a game changer.
A new tool is not the finished article until you know it works. There should be no room for error at this point in your project. Can you imagine getting this wrong?

This is why we at Danhydra continuously stress the importance of finding a trusted partner who will not only manufacture the prototype, but test it vigorously under tough conditions. For this, you need a tool solutions partner with an in-depth understanding of the full life cycle of your new tool.

We can offer you our experience in not only development, but also manufacturing and servicing of customized tools and equipment for the wind industry.

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