Solid wind power tool development requires more than just “good engineering”. It requires years of expertise and persistent knowledge-sharing.

The Danhydra Approach to tool development is synonymous with expertise and know-how. You don’t just get a team of well-educated engineers; you get an engineering team with more than 30 years of experience in wind power tool development.

Our unique development process gives you state-of-the-art tool solutions that work in real-life and not just on paper.


The wind power industry demands customized and often complex tools for installing and maintaining new types of turbines. The equipment needs to work in real life and not just as an engineering brainchild.

The Danhydra Approach ensures tools that work – even when developing highly customized and complex tool solutions for your specific WTG platform.

Our cross-functional teams acknowledge that your needs may vary from project to project. Therefore, we specialize in developing at different complexity levels and volumes through an agile setup. A setup that can easily be optimized according to the fast-moving wind industry or as your needs change.

Our teams’ wide-ranging expertise certify tool solutions that match your specific expectations, while avoiding over complication and unnecessary add-ons.

Insights: Get off to a great start on low life cycle costs

Thomas Geertsen

Life cycle costs are perhaps the best indicator of the quality of any solution. For tool solutions, low life cycle costs are essential to the business case of the wind turbines – and arguably, wind power in general. The key to low tool life cycle costs is getting off to a great start in the solution’s earliest phases.

Get off to a great start on low life cycle costs

Insights: Why standardization should become standard

Peter Kristoffersen

There are no quick fixes to make wind energy financially sustainable. But standardizing the design principles of tool solutions could be the key to leverage cheaper, modular capabilities – to the benefit of all manufacturers.

Why standardization should become the standard

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The Danhydra Approach to developing tools and equipment for the wind industry lies in our cross-functional teams.

With more than 30 years of experience in developing for the wind power industry, you will get superior tool solutions from a company that has tried it all.

We believe in knowledge-sharing, and our mission is to combine the expertise from each phase of the product lifecycle: development, manufacturing, and maintenance. This results in a combined knowledge-pool with expertise from every phase feeding into every new development project we undertake.  

Our knowledge-pool secures, for you, reliable wind power equipment and an experienced partner rather than just a simple supplier.  

With our dedicated and experienced team of bright minds and skilled hands, you will get superior tool solutions that work in real life.


At Danhydra, we know that, to make wind power competitive, every component of the value chain must offer low cost of ownership.

With your long-term needs (and wallet) in mind, we apply a full circle approach. Development, manufacturing, and service experts are part of every development team.

By combining these three entities, we operate as cross-functional teams in our development phase to make sure your equipment works effortlessly when it matters most. In the end this full circle approach not only creates better tools for you, but also ensures safer tools with longer lifespans. In our world this means low cost of ownership.


Our experience in development and service of customized special tools enables manufacturing with a focus on the total cost of ownership. Simply because we know the application of your tool down to the last detail. Production on time, with quality and hassle-free.


We go where you go. Our global service setup is your insurance that you always have access to fast and high quality service, wherever your tools are. And with our global outlook, we are constantly monitoring feedback, to help us develop and improve.


At Danhydra, quality is our license to play. Through vigorous testing and prototyping, you are sure to get a reliable, long-lasting tool solution for your WTG venture.

By deploying our in-depth understanding of tool lifecycles during testing and prototyping, we minimize the number of unexpected failures and errors. A new tool solution is not finished until it performs flawlessly under real-life conditions – conditions they will meet once you take them to the field.

With sheer willpower and a deep industry knowledge, we are a trusted partner to the leaders in the wind power industry. Should we be your partner too?