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The impact of tools is critical

SVP for customized tools discusses the challenges in the industry and what drives him to work for a more sustainable industry

Søren Petersen, SVP Customized Tools

Accountability is in our DNA

Peter Kristoffersen is our SVP for Standard Products and is a firm believer of hiring specialists who can do what he cannot.

Peter Kristoffersen, SVP Standard Products

A global mindset is paramount

Chief Procurement Officer
“Inclusivity and a truly global approach is key to succeed”

Sergiu Corla, Chief Procurement Officer


Life cycle costs are perhaps the best indicator of the quality of any solution. For tool solutions, low life cycle costs are essential to the business case of the wind turbines – and arguably, wind power in general. The key to low tool life cycle costs is getting off to a great start in the solution’s earliest phases.

Get off to a great start on low life cycle costs

Why standardization should become standard

There are no quick fixes to make wind energy financially sustainable. But standardizing the design principles of tool solutions could be the key to leverage cheaper, modular capabilities – to the benefit of all manufacturers.

Why standardization should become the standard

“The key is listening”

Product innovation in the wind industry means little without the ability to roll out the change on a greater level. Product Manager, Bjarne Hermannsen, applies this philosophy across the Danhdyra product line.

Bjarne Hermannsen “The key is listening”

Learnings from being in the front line of market development

Learnings from the road: Introducing product improvements and collecting input for future innovations.

Peter Stouder: “As a frontline guy, I see a lot of diffrent tools.”

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