High-performance tools and equipment. Plug-and-Play solutions.

Cost-efficient manufacturing. Thorough testing and on-time delivery.

Lean setup, global supply base and strong partnerships.

The right components, the right partner and a proper fit.

Our primary concern is delivering a solution that fits your needs, not just in terms of target cost, but also in terms of a high quality of components. A solution that will give a seamless fit in its application.
Our strong, international supply base ensures high quality components at low cost and our decades of in-house experience is your assurance that our manufacturing setup will deliver products which are not only able to withstand the test of the daily workload, but will live up to your expectations - also in relation to expected cost.

Our lean, flexible manufacturing setup is not fixed to one specific production line but is tailored to accommodate the needs of our customers. For small and large items.

Our supply chain, facilities and expertise enable us to cover most of the value chain within customized solutions.

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Efficient manufacturing of high quality, “plug-and-play” tools and equipment leveraging our international supply base, partnerships and strong in-house production expertise.

Whether you are looking for turner gears, lifting equipment, transport solutions or solutions to challenges in other parts of the process, we are confident that our flexible setup has the capabilities to deliver what you need.

If you choose Danhydra solely as a partner for manufacturing or also for development and servicing, we guarantee that we will draw on our decades of experience to ensure the proper manufacturing solution for you.

Heavy Lifting Yokes - manufactured for the global wind industry

Complex modular lifting yokes are manufactured in our flexible and lean setup. Designed and manufactured to contribute to increased efficiency and easy, safe handling.

In cases where we have not developed the solution, we still apply our engineering capabilities and experience to the final manufactured delivery. At the same time, we make sure to add our service specialists to the cross functional team. All of this to ensure a cost-efficient delivery and the best possible fit to your needs.

We are ready to discuss the upcoming manufacturing needs of your heavy lifting solutions.

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Modular design and flexibility onsite

We manufacture both modular yokes of high complexity, designed and delivered to provide a flexible solution on-site and specialized yokes for single purpose. Single blade installation, nacelle lifting or lifting of heavy powertrain modules, etc.
Always with a focus on safety, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Nacelle Lifting Yoke

Powertrain Lifting Yoke

Hub Lifting Yoke

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