“The wind industry is projected to grow three to four times it’s current size in the next decade, and we intend to follow. So, maintaining and developing outstanding service excellence is crucial as we expand and look to service more customers on increasingly complex projects.

It’s no easy task, but to me, the building blocks are right there. The speed, quality, and price that we deliver on must always be the best. Without exception. Our tools are never simple, but doing business with us must be – even as we continue to grow internationally.

Service excellence is about consistently meeting and even exceeding customer expectations. That requires a 360 degree service concept and excellent business processes – but essentially it all comes down to having the right people onboard.

Our international Danhydra team has a combined 750 years of experience in the wind industry, and every day we use that expertise to create smarter solutions to our customers. As a leader, that is an incredible resource to be able to draw on as you set the direction for future growth.

Essentially, this is what attracted me to Danhydra. It’s the combination between the overall vision and the incredibly talented people working as one.

Collaboration in the front seat

The know-how and critical learnings from our technicians flow directly into every aspect of our business. From cross-functional team to tool development all the way to how we enact our strategy. This continuous input across a tool lifecycle enables us to keep improving the tool and to develop even better solutions in the future.

Raising the bar on service excellence will help us perform at an even bigger scale – and in turn, this will enable us to make an even bigger impact on the green transition.

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360o Willpower

Danhydra is an international supplier of tools and tool services.
Trusted by the best in the wind industry.

With a clear focus on innovation, professionalism and competitiveness, Danhydra develops, produces and services tools for the global wind industry. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and from a strong base with locations in Denmark, Germany, Spain, India, Australia and the USA, Danhydra has implemented a new ambitions growth strategy aiming to create a unique, global and customer-oriented company. Our company currently employs approx. 130 professional, experienced and dedicated employees who all contribute to ensure high services for our customers.

With some of the most experienced technicians, engineers, and manufacturers on board, we are not too humble to say that we are good at what we do. We take pride in being exactly like no one else in the industry. We are easy going but highly professional. Our work environment is characterized by an informal approach – but our ambitions reach as high as the sky.
And we believe that it takes power to empower. Therefore, our 360o willpower culture lies within our DNA. So, when you take place with Danhydra, you take place where change happens.

We never lean against the wind. We lean on each other.