Based on decades of engineering expertise, a lean manufacturing platform and a unique service concept, we supply the wind industry globally with plug-and-play solutions for tools and equipment. Always aiming to minimize your Total Cost of Ownership.

We develop, manufacture and service. Your needs define our delivery. For all wtg components. Onshore and Offshore.

Our competencies span from development, documentation and manufacturing of new tools, to safe, reliable and global service and logistics concepts. We can handle repairs and service routines across the entire tool spectrum.

We have multiple locations in both Denmark, Germany and USA with service and manufacturing capabilities in all three countries.

Our history in brief

We can trace our company roots back to 1886 and Struer Shipyard in the western part of Denmark. “Growing up” where the wind is a dominant force and the landscape unforgiving, we have a strong foundation of hard work under tough conditions, always adapting to the world around us. And we have.

The company has since developed into Danhydra, a leading supplier to the wind industry, delivering solutions for tools and equipment to a global customer base.

At all times Commitment, Ownership, Respect and Empowerment (CORE) build the platform to an innovative approach to tool solutions and a modern, dynamic organization.