Driven by 360° willpower, we service the wind industry with tool solutions that power the green transition – and we need your help.

We believe in wind power as a cornerstone in the green transition. And we believe it takes a powerful combination willpower and bright minds to get there.

Because while we develop, produce and service tools, our core is made up of dedicated and talented people – ready to tackle our client’s greatest challenges.

Exactly like no one else
We take pride in being exactly like no one else in the industry. We are easy-going, but highly professional. Our work environment is characterized by an informal approach – but our ambitions reach as high as the sky.

In an industry that relies heavily on innovation, being a part of Danhydra will never equal limitations or conformity. We trust our team members and you will always have a green light to act on good ideas.

Our 360° willpower culture is your guarantee that we will never take you or your competencies for granted.

There will always be room for you to develop your career. So when you take your place with Danhydra, you take your place where change happens.

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At all times, our company values guide our innovative approach to tool solutions and help build the foundation for a modern, dynamic organization.

Technology is only ever as useable as the people behind it. And so, we are convinced that we can achieve the best results only by allowing our experts to be the best version of themselves.

Together, we are committed to making a change. For our clients. For the environment. And for each other.

Great goals require a clear northern star. Our four values ‘Commitment’, ‘Ownership’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Empowerment’ make up our CORE.

A guiding platform that ensures that we approach our tasks, the market and each other with the right mindset. Every time.


At Danhydra, we believe in never standing still but always striving to challenge the status quo. In fact, it is the cornerstone of our culture.

We want to make a difference and we know it takes power to empower change.

Our 360° willpower culture, embodies our approach to our tasks and each other. We never simply lean against the wind. Instead, we trust our employees.

That’s why we work with dedicated employee empowerment. We encourage sky-high ambitions and we make sure that everyone has an opportunity to rise to their ambitions.

We want to power change – and to empower the people who will take us there. With real influence, a green light to act on new ideas and true ownership of new processes.

Powering the wind industry requires the right people. Explore our job openings and empower your future with us.

With some of the most skilled experts, global full-service workshops and market knowledge second to none, we are not too humble to say that Danhydra is better than most.

That all starts and ends with our teammates. Great people united by a true desire to make a change as the world transitions to green energy.

We believe excellence requires excellent people. Experienced and highly skilled individuals who know how to act as a team.

If that sound like you, then come take your place, where change takes place.

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