On-call specialists providing clock-speed service and repair

Unscheduled repair increases the risk of project delays and ultimately drains resources both in terms of manpower and money. Partnering up with a team of on-call specialists with access to an experienced support organization and hard-to-get spare parts is an important step to reduce the risk of malfunctioning tools on-site delaying your expensive projects.

Our regional tool workshops in Europe, North America and Australia provides a high level of quality backup to your current tool service. It is flexible, fast, and reliable. Experienced technicians are ready to pack their suitcases and tool belts to service on-site, if that is needed.

Having serviced most tools in the industry gives us an advantage when diagnosing and prioritizing. We have not seen it all – but we have seen a lot.

As part of the global 360o wind power tool solutions in Danhydra, our tool service setup relies on deep industry knowledge and decades of experience. Pervasive in our organisation are our cross-functional teams, our inginuety and the sheer willpower to ensure the proper solution for the customer.

This means that every service technichian can lean on experienced colleagues, top-class engineers from our development department and knowhow from our manufacturing line and global supply chain.

Act fast to reduce downtime
– solution for tools from all suppliers

On-site service of important tools and equipment is about clock speed and having available resources at hand. Tools on-site needto work. We know that. That is why we off er our experts – just aphone call away.

On-site service allows you to:
— Reduce down-time on key tools.
— Achieve faster turnarond.
— Reduce logistics costs.
— Reduce risk of running behind schedule on projects.
— Increase access to essential spare parts.

Best-in-class onboarding

To ensure the best quality and highest reliability, as soon as we receive a new tool, we automatically initiate our four-step onboarding process.
The process is based on our decade long experience onboarding and servicing 5000 items every year.

  1. Register
  2. Inspect
  3. Service/repair
  4. Document

Step by step we ensure proper, reliable onboarding of new tools and are committed to pass learnings on from one tool to the next.
From one location to the next. From colleague to colleague.

Our on-site service technicians have an extensive, global hotline to colleagues within our organization. Both other service technicians and engineers from our tool development department. This vast knowledge pool is an important security backup to ensure minimum downtime of tools and to reduce the risk of unscheduled delays in your delivery to sites.

On-site service delivers
— Scheduled presence and extra hands on-site
— On-call service experts whenever tools break
— down or arrive in poor condition
— Reliable on-site service check and inspection before tool is shipped from site to site
— Extensive troubleshooting
— Collaboration in acquiring the essential spare parts for the tool
— Four step, best in class onboarding process of every tool

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Insights: Winning the race against time

by Jackson Lytle:

When supplying the wind turbine industry with tools and equipment, time is of the essence. Lacking a tool or equipment is not only inconvenient, it can quickly become expensive.

Winning the race against time with on-site tool solutions

Danhydra expands service business to Australia

Increased demand and a strategic choice to follow international customers sees Danhydra expand the service of wind tools and equipment with a regional setup in Australia.

Danhydra expands service business to Australia

Tool service for the wind industry

Combining the knowledge from all our experts throughout the organization, we ensure that you receive better service for your tools and equipment.

Tool service for the wind industry

Shop-in-shop tool service

The Danhydra Shop-in-shop tool service places our high-quality service at the heart of your tool warehouse and integrates seamlessly into your daily operations

Shop-in-shop tool service

360o Wind Power Tool Solutions

Danhydra is your tool and equipment partner for the wind power industry.

With our unique “Danhydra Approach”, you get a 360° tools partner experienced in developing, manufacturing, and servicing equipment for wind power.

Our skilled employees, and their know-how, are present in all departments to ensure wind power tool solutions that are cost-effective during both production and maintenance, and that they cover all WTG types.

At Danhydra, we believe that wind power is a cornerstone in the green transition. We believe in challenging the status quo and in sheer Willpower’s ability to push the quality and expansion of global wind power.

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