Service across three continents to serve the global wind industry

Increased demand and a strategic choice to follow international customers sees Danhydra expand the service of wind tools and equipment with a regional setup in Australia. Danhydra Pty Ltd will work out of Melbourne and operate across the continent.

It is an important move to assist the large, global OEMs to succeed and to ensure a proper fit to market needs now and in the future as the outlook for wind energy in the region is positive.

This sees Danhydra now servicing own and third-party tools in Europe, North America and Australia and building on top of already strong partnerships within the industry.

Danhydra’s multi brand service inspects and services more than 5000 pieces of tools and equipment for the global wind industry per year and expect this number to increase significantly in the coming years with this expansion and the recent new service facility in Germany.

Danhydra Pty Ltd is officially registerred on the Australian market. CSO Søren Damgaard Petersen with Consul General Ulrik Dahl at the Trade Council of Denmark

To be able to deliver tool service on three continents is an important strategic step for Danhydra. It is an important step in the direction of contributing to an even better functioning wind industry and underscores Danhydra’s emerging position as a trusted partner to global wind OEMs.

“Australia has always been close to my heart, so I am extremely happy and proud that Danhydra has now set up the Danhydra Pty Ltd in Australia with the help of the Trade Council of Denmark and that we now have our name on their wall.

The market outlook for Australia on wind is very positive, so the timing for Danhydra is perfect. Also, we are happy that we are able to help some of our largest customers succeed further in Australia. We look very much forward to grow with them on this interesting market.

The fact we have been able to invest and find the suitable setup in Australia is a testament to our organizational willpower and strong partnerships with our customers”.

Søren Damgaard Petersen.

CSO, Danhydra

Tool service is an important function in a well-functioning wind industry and helps ensure on-time delivery and safety of tools and equipment for transportation, installation and service of main components.

As part of a global, 360o wind power tool service, Danhydra’s service setup in Australia taps into a vast knowledge pool of expertise. This will ensure best in class service though knowledge sharing across the organization and extensive on-call support from North America or EMEA.

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