The Danhydra stud bolt setter increases the efficiency and accuracy of the entire stud bolt mounting process.

The stud bolt setter is developed for stud bolt mounting. The setter is connected to an electrical torque tool and screws the bolt down to its position. It releases from the bolt when the tool is put in reverse. A plastic sleeve that runs freely around the setter ensures that the tool can be operated safely and accurately by hand.

The built-in kick back feature of the stud bolt setter enables safe removal and ensures that the bolt stays in position.

Frequently asked questions

Yes . Our studsetters are applicable generally for all wind turbines. We continuously expand our stud setter program to support the growth of WTG sizes in the market. If you can not find the required size please contact us.

You need to use an electrical drill. If you use an impact wrench you might damage the stud setter and bolt.

―Yes, they are allready used in a wide range of applications within the wind industry. However, applicable for all types of industries where bolts need to be driven into bolt holes.

―However, make sure that the bolts does not have a fragile surface treatment that can be damaged.

The stud setter is developed to mount the blade studs easily and effectively by using an electric drill rather than manually driving the stud bolts in the blade root. The stud setter is invented for health reasons to relieve stress on shoulders while mounting the studs. The stud setters can be used for all applications when driving bolts into bolt holes.

Stud bolt setters

Item number: depends on size
  • Fast and reliable mounting of studs
  • Avoids damaging the thread
  • Easy to use
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