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Product description

Clean threads on wind turbine bolts are essential to control the bolt tensioning and torquing. The Danhydra bolt cleaner is mainly developed to prepare wind turbine foundation bolts for tower installation. This tool ensures efficient cleaning of anchor bolts and instantly removes corrosion and dirt.

Wind turbine bolt cleaning is made easy due to the intelligent and fast applicable design. This means spending your resources on activities that matter. The Danhydra bolt cleaning tool has a simple intuitive design. The low number of parts will allow you to work with speed and ensures a high-quality result.

Basically, using the Danhydra bolt cleaner, eliminates time consuming manual cleaning of the thread on foundation bolts and ensures high quality repeatability.

When needed, changing inserts of the bolt cleaning tool are quick and easy to replace.

Technical specifications

The Danhydra bolt cleaner can be used for other applications in the industry in general. It is compatible with a wide range of anchor bolts from M30 to M76 with effective lengths from 230mm to 330mm. Se the full range in the section sizes and item numbers.

The materials used for the bolt cleaner are aluminum and POM, which ensures high durability through  a combination of:

  • High strength, rigidity and toughness
  • Good impact strength, even at low temperatures
  • Outstanding wear resistance and sliding properties
  • High dimensional stability

Frequently asked questions

―Yes, the bolt cleaner can be used on all types of bolts that needs to be cleaned. However, it was invented for tower foundation bolts.

Thread types: available in various metrics and inch seizes. See the different size available



―The bolt cleaner is designed to clean approximately 200-250 bolts before the insert brush need to be exchanged.

However, if the bolts are in poor condition the brush inserts lifetime will reduce.


It takes approximately 10 seconds on a 400mm stud.

Bolt cleaners for wind turbine anchor bolts

Item number: depending on size
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