The step down transformer transforms 690V and 480V into 400V and 230V.

The step down transformer is a rugged mobile transformer used in WTG, to convert the 480V or 690V into the rated voltage of Danhydra Turner Gear 400V.

Furthermore, we have added a 230V plug to power the Danhydra Pitch Pump.

The step down transformer with industrial grade plugs is packed in a metal housing, with lifting points.

Included is the following cords:
– 2 meter cord with 480V plug
– 2 meter cord with 690V plug

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Rated Voltage 3 x 480V / 3 x 690V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Control Voltage 3 x 400V / 1 x 230V
Rated current 8,5 A
Max fuse (Supply) 16 A
Enclosure protection degree IP65
Standard EN 60 204-1
Weight 84 Kg
Dimensions mm. (H/W/D) 580/600/300

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