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Say goodbye to diesel generators

Say hello to hassel-free methanol fuel cells for your temporary aviation lighting.

The Danhydra fuel cells, are developed with the specific purpose, to keep temporary aviation lights powered in an environmentally and cost-efficient manner. The fuel cell power generator is built inside custom made flight cases for optimum protection and durability.

The system runs on methanol, which means it can be used for indoor as well as outdoor workspaces, such as wind turbine towers, containers and service cars.

Advantages of fuel cells

Monitor the condition of your power generator and avoid unnoticed down-time of your aviation lighting.

  • Increase tranparency by installing fuel cells with up to 6 weeks operation time.
  • Inspect only when needed due to remote monitoring.
  • Reduce the risk of theft or tampering of your power generator by installing fuel cells inside the tower on-site.
  • 24/7 operational and technical supprt

Environmental impact of fuel cells

Methanol fuel cells power generators help you reduce emissions and pollution.

  • 100% reduction of diesel consumption and low CO2 emissions
  • Reduce noise pollution in nature.
  • Eliminate contamination due to spill and overflow of diesel

The only waste generated from this process is heat and water vapor with a little carbon dioxide. This makes methanol fuel cells a good alternative to common diesel generators.

Methanol fuel cells for onsite power generation

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