The NEW Danhydra Bolt Cleaner

Even more efficient bolt cleaning:

Danhydra knows the importance of being efficient on site. The philosophy behind the new design is to ensure that no time is wasted preparing the bolt cleaner for use.

The new tool features:

  • Disposable brush insert
  • Fast and easy insert change
  • No tools needed

Changing brushed has never been easier. Simply select the brush insert suitable for the tube, position it, push the insert button and push it until it “clicks”, and the tool is ready for use. The inserts are delivered safely packed in environmental friendly cardboard tubes. Each tube contains 4 inserts.

Bolt cleaner and insert program

Danhydra has extended the bolt cleaner to cover more sizes, and lengths. When you order a new tool, you select the diameter you like and the tool is delivered with the right size insert. You can use other inserts for the tool body within the tube diameter. In the below table it is shown which inserts fit into which tube diameter.

Operation and support

For optimum stability, performance and tool life, Danhydra recommends an operating speed of 800-1400 revolutions per minute. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our regional offices – we stand ready to help.

Good luck with your new bolt cleaner.