Turner gears are used for turning the wind turbine rotor during single blade installation. This is a very critical operation and the unbalanced weight of the rotor requires a safe rotating process and tools that are robust and precise. Danhydra holds more than 20 years of experience developing, manufacturing, and servicing turning gears for blade installation.

During the development work, our engineers put a great effort into ensuring that the solutions are easy to install and operate to make the blade installation as fast and efficient as possible. Even the hoisting principles are incorporated into the design process to make this process as cost effective as possible.

Danhydra is supplying turning gear solutions for the worlds leading wind turbine manufacturers and covers WTG ranges from 1,3MW to 9+MW.

The Danhydra Turning Gears are delivered in robust and stackable transport units optimized for handling, transportation, and storage.

Danhydra’s engineers are always available to our customers to share experience, give input to the WTG development and installation strategy, and can tailor a turning gear solution for your specific WTG, whether your turbine has a gearbox or is direct driven.

Turner gears

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