Tool solutions for all WTG components and at every step of your value chain.

We develop. We manufacture. We service.

Choose Danhydra as your solutions partner for any or all of the above.

We deliver tools and equipment for production, transportation, installation and service, onshore and offshore, right across your value chain - from factory production all the way through to a fully operational wind turbine.

Whether you are looking for standard specialized products or a customized solution tailored to your specific needs, we are here to help.

Solutions for factory tools

Solutions for transportation tools

Solutions for installation tools

Solutions for service tools

Solutions for customized tools and equipment

Every new type of WTG requires customized solutions for tools & equipment. We deliver solutions that are fit for function, fit for manufacturing and fit for servicing.

At the core of our business lies our ability to manage the total life-cycle of our tools - and we will support you worldwide.

Our standard products

Installing a wind turbine requires specialized tools, designed for that specific purpose.

For everything from on-site power management to bolt cleaners, you require specialized tools that can save you time and resources.
By choosing tools that work and tools you can trust, you will ultimately increase efficiency and can allocate your resources to other areas where needed.

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We supply globally

For decades, Danhydra has supplied the wind industry with smart tool solutions, helping to bring down the cost of energy.

We currently operate three full scale tool workshops in Denmark, USA and Germany, putting us within better range of our customers’ construction sites. Each facility offers onsite services and can perform either scheduled or unscheduled tool service.