Case – Tool trailer

Danhydra tool and trailer solution (patented)

Case: In a WTG, the process for repair of main and heavy parts requires a multiple operation process, where you, besides transportation of the parts to the remote workshop, also need 2 mobilizations of a heavy mobile crane. This requires intensive planning at the site to perform a safe and reliable operation and the down time is extensive.

At Danhydra we faced the challenge and worked intensively in partnership with our costumer to find the best solution for optimizing this case. The idea was to develop an on site workshop in which the parts where placed directly from the crane, repaired and finally lifted back in position in the WTG. This would eliminate the transportation cost and give the advantage that your crane only need to be mobilized once.

The solution from Danhydra is a trailer where you have both office/dining, workshop and ramp facilities under the same removable roof and walls.

This patented Danhydra tool and trailer solution has given the customers a heavy reduction in down time, crane costs, planning ressources and transportation cost. Also the operator friendly approach has proven its value for money for the customer.