Tool service solutions

Danhydra’s mission is to help our customers keeping WTG installation as cost and time efficient as possible. Besides supplying our own tooling program within certain area, we offer service and maintenance of all tools used when installing wind turbine generators. The daily interaction with the tools in action combined with a strong engineering back-bone, gives us an unique opportunity to apply the latest knowledge keeping the tools fit, and even update them to perform better or more reliable. For Danhydras own product portfolio, the closeness to the market is also a valuable channel for market feedback and gives us the possibility to plan our product updates according to first line feedback.


Danhydra customers benefit from the years of accumulated experience servicing WTG installation and service tools. Our capabilities are built up locally and activated globally through the Danhydra Service Norm System, that is maintained and managed by our best service technicians and engineers. The Danhydra norms ensures that our customers world wide receives the same high service quality, documentation and tool life history, whether the service is performed in our centrally placed tool workshops or directly at customers building sites.

Tool service

The goal is to make tool service completely hassle free for our customers, whether we talk about planned maintenance or repair works. Pressure getting the turbines connected to grid and squeezed time plans leaves no room for downtime due to tool failures.  Our approach is build around speed, flexibility and quality and consists of elements that can be composed to fit your wishes.

Tool by tool service

One off servicing either in our workshop, in our customers warehouse or at site.

On-site service

Whether your need is planned or unplanned service (repair), we offer to set-up at your building site to get the job done fast and efficient.


We are experienced in setting up a shop-in-shop workshop at our customers warehouses – Depending on the distance to our own workshops may well be a valuable alternative.

Danhydra workshop service

Finally, our own warehouses holds all facilities to give you the best possible solution, and is often the most cost efficient way to go, due to the possibility to bulk your tools for service.

Service capabilities

Visit our service pages to learn more about the capabilities we offer  or get in touch with us if you would like to explore your opportunities. The Danhydra capabilities are constantly enlarged and improved due to the global inflow of new tool types and due to the great effort that highly committed engineers are putting into the job. Capabilities that ensures that our customers are getting the most efficient services, whether it is a crucial on site repair job or a planned service to make the tool ready for the next job.

Handling and storage

Managing the amount of installation and service equipment can be a costly and time consuming exercise. Danhydra takes tool management seriously and offers to:

  • Store the equipment in dry conditions to optimize tool life
  • Pick-up and return, either from site or customers warehouses for service
  • Ensure tools are fully functional, maintained and calibrated – ready for the job when called off
  • Keep full life time track record on the tool
  • Trace the tools world wide when they are “in action”

Due to the flexibility in the set-up, the opportunities are many, and can be tailored as you like – If you would like to learn how Danhydra can support your needs within equipment handling and services, get in touch and lets tailor a solution together.