Grease pumps

Working at heights makes tool handling another challenge – Danhydra has developed this small, handy grease pump that elegantly combines light weight and easy handling with high performance.  A perfect solution for uncomplicated greasing of WTG bearings and central lubrication systems

The automated filling sequence enables you to spend your time efficiently. Simply attach the tubes, specify the amount of grease you would like to add and let the pump do the rest, while you work on other tasks.



  • Automatic filling feature
  • Gives you the accurate amount, you wish to add
  • Light weight
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Compatible with any kind of grease
  • Designed for standard grease cartridges


Danhydra has currently 2 models in the program.

  1. Upright pump – High pressure. Suitable for direct injection into mainly bearings. A flow divider can be used if you have multiple filling points.
  2. Upright pump – High volume. Suitable for fast filling of auto lubrication containers, that are place by most WTG main components.


Danhydra Grease filling

To ease the process even further, Danhydra can deliver ready to use grease cartridges, filled by Danhydra with the type of grease needed for your turbines. Get in touch and learn more.


Dan’s life gets easy

Maximum pressure

250 Bar

Adjustable flow

Up to 250 gr / Min.


12 KG


H320 / W410 / D210

Energy supply

110V / 230V


Type Item number
Upright pump high volume 230V 30083
Upright pump high pressure 230V 30025
Upright pump high volume 110V 30084
Upright pump high pressure 110V 30026