Custom made containers and accessories

Danhydra develops various container solutions, in close dialogue with our customers. Our expertise is underlined by the fact that we hold several patents on custom-made solutions. 

Whether you need a container for tools, a mobile workshop, mobile offices, mobile storage or a crane container, we can organize, plan and build a customized solution based on your specific requirements. The potential combinations are infinite.

As an extra service, we offer to empty, repack and store your containers.

Danhydra can customize any size of container, as well as rebuild container constructions.  We also offer to service, repair and re-certify your container.

The containers can be fitted to your specifications, and we offer both purchase and rental solutions.

Example – Heavy Duty Ramp

The ramp has a robust design and is build of aluminium, to keep it light weight and easy to take up and down. The ramp does not take up space inside the container and is locked in vertical position by use of a shoot bolt. The ramp can be delivered as a part of a full container delivery or be installed on our customers containers at our workshops.

Danhydra offers a standard aluminium ramp for 10’, 20’ and 40’ containers, but can design and build upon request if special sized or features are required.


Danhydras container solutions build on many years of field feedback, working closely with Wind Power OEM’s and Service Providers.
The light weight heavy duty ramp ensures:

– Easy on- and offloading of tools and components
– Vertical lift for optimum safety and efficiency
– Hassle free internal transportation
– Stable and non-slip surface
– Easy tipping of the ramp
– Side and end barrier